Innovative Surf Rescue Boards and Accessories

P2P Rescue

We’ve designed the first line of rescue boards that were engineered for speed and function.

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Rescue Boards

P2P Rescue believes there simply isn’t one surf rescue design that can serve lifeguards and ocean safety along the diverse coastlines of the world.

Soft Top
10′ | 11′

$875 | $895

Custom Fiberglass
9′ up to 12′

$1650 | $1895

10′ x 32”


6’6″ | 9′

$495 | $895

Rescue Sleds

P2P Rescue Sleds are designed to be extremely rigid for stability and feature a unique tail design and bottom concave for better tracking behind your PWC.

Soft Top


Innegra Fiberglass Sled




Soft Top
10′ | 11′
$875 | $895

Race Boards

P2P Rescue Carver model race boards are designed using state of the art CADD technology, 3DM Computer Shaping Machine and hand laid fiberglass and carbon fiber. We’d love to chat with you about building a personalized design and custom volume.

Epoxy and


Carbon Fiber


Agency Identification in plain sight

We can customize your agency emblem on any fiberglass board.

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The Heart Behind Our Work

Water Safety to the Core

At the age of 14, our owner Cliff Ray lost his father in a drowning accident. It was ultimately his father’s visionary, entrepreneurial spirt that led Cliff to leave his career as a real estate developer and found P2P Rescue. That is why P2P Rescue remains committed in our efforts towards drowning prevention.

P2P Rescue is a North Carolina-based company founded in 2014. We are dedicated to building unique, innovative rescue products for various water safety and ocean rescue scenarios. We now provide rescue boards to 100+ water safety professional organizations around the world.

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