First things first: what is a crossover rescue board If you don’t know the answer, we don’t blame you! P2P Rescue invented this unique style of ocean rescue board, which means you might not have run into it yet. Since we began creating these boards, we’ve partnered with many ocean rescue organizations. This means if you go to a beach with lifeguards, you’re bound to run into it at some point hopefully from a distance! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

A crossover rescue board is an evolutionary breakthrough in rescue board design. It integrates a race board hull and rail design, which gives the rescuers the option of paddling on their knees or standing up, increasing the speed at which they can reach and save a victim.

Besides speed and stability, there are several other benefits to using a crossover rescue board. Here are the top three:

The paddle can be used to help out-of-reach victims.

A lot can happen on the open seas, especially when a lifeguard is at the critical moment of making a save. Because the paddle is easily accessed and stowed on a P2P Rescue board, the paddle can double as an extender, held out to the victim so they can grab on to it and be pulled to safety. This cuts down on instances of victims accidentally harming lifeguards in their panic, and helps lifeguards make a save safely and quickly.

The lifeguard can see longer distances and better search for victims.

Because the crossover rescue board uniquely offers lifeguards the option of paddling on their stomachs, knees, or standing up, it also offers the ability to see much further than other boards. By both standing and paddling, the lifeguard has the power to quickly scan the water and identify multiple victims and possible dangers.

The board’s durable material means it’s never out of service.

P2P Rescue makes each crossover rescue board from an EPS foam core using innovative Innergra fiberglass. This allows lifeguards to make minor repairs while on duty, which means the board never has to be taken out of service. Even better, the boards are only 30 pounds, which means carrying and running with them won’t wear the lifeguards out. Instead they can save their strength for those critical moments when it truly matters.

Interested in ordering a fleet of crossover rescue boards for your ocean rescue service? Contact P2P Rescue today and let’s start the conversation!