Our Vision

P2P Rescue believes there isn’t a single design surf rescue or sled that can serve the diverse coastlines of the World.


P2P Rescue is a North Carolina-based company dedicated to building unique, innovative rescue products for various water safety and ocean rescue scenarios. Founded in 2014, P2P initially manufactured and sold competition training standup paddleboards with inset paddle storage. In August 2015 lifeguards on the North Shore of Oahu encouraged P2P to visit Hawaii and research ways to incorporate our unique technology into rescue products. Since then P2P Rescue is honored to work with and provide rescue boards to over 150+ fire departments, lifeguard agencies and water safety professionals worldwide.

A little background on our family business

At the age of 14, Owner/Founder Cliff Ray lost his father in a drowning accident. It was ultimately his father’s visionary, entrepreneurial spirit that led Cliff to leave his career as a real estate developer and take a leap of faith in creating P2P Rescue. P2P remains committed in its efforts towards drowning prevention and is honored to be working with some of the world’s most experienced water safety personnel to design and build its rescue products.