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P2P Rescue believes there simply isn’t one surf rescue design that can serve lifeguards and ocean safety along the diverse coastlines of the world, especially given the harsh demands of training and work environments. We use innovative board building construction to enhance product durability and reduce overall board weight. Contact us directly to start the conversation about your typical victim profile, water safety professional experience, flat water – vs – dynamic water scenarios, etc.  We look forward to collaborating with your team.


  • 10′ Surf Rescue – Specifically for department accustom to lesser volume and a narrower surf rescue board for easier carrying and launch.
  • 10’6″ Strike Mission – The Strike Mission is the ideal hybrid surf rescue board for the department need the quickness of an 11’ but without all the volume.  Furthermore a pulled in outline to punch through white water for the fastest paddle out to reach a victim.
  • 11′ Surf Rescue:
    • East Model – designed for flat water and small period swell surf conditions with a stepped-up deck to add volume. The East Coast Model has the increased volume similar to those in the Hawaiian models.
    • West Model – is a combination of numerous models developed for Californian agencies. We used all of the input and feedback over the years to develop a rescue board fitting for the entire Californian coast.
  • 11′ Hawaii – is a trimmed down version of the 12’ Hawaiian with same volume and pulled in outline for punching through heavier surf.
  • 12′ Hawaii – a more traditional shape, with added rocker for larger surf, a wider mid-section and streamlined template for punching through heavier surf conditions.
  • All model surf rescue boards have the option of Red, Yellow or Solid White resin.
  • Quick grab handles strategically placed on the deck- nose, center and tail.
  • Lightweight at only 27-32 lbs.
  • Durable construction with an EPS foam core using innovative Innegra fiberglass allows for repairs to be done while on duty, and the board never loses service.
  • Optional custom agency or department logo/emblem available.
  • Optional P2P safety keel fin.