Rescue Sleds

P2P Rescue Sled in Action

Jet Ski Surf Rescue Sled

$2,200-3,295 USD

P2P Rescue Sled: Red/Yellow

$2,200 USD

P2P Rescue Sled: Black/Red

$2,200 USD

P2P rescue soft top sleds are designed to be extremely rigid for stability and feature a unique tail design for better tracking behind your PWC. The interior construction is EPS foam core with 4 stringers running from nose-to-tail, high density plastic bottom covering, multiple layered exterior skin coverage on the deck and rails. Reinforced and replaceable nose guard for side and bottom protection. High visible quick-grab solid rubber core handles running the perimeter of the board. Universal attachments on nose and side bungee stabilizers for varying PWC connections.

  • LENGTH: 5’6″

  • WIDTH: 36″

  • VOLUME: 100 L

  • WEIGHT: 32 lbs
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PWC Rescue Sled Model

We’re excited to release our 5th generation PWC Rescue Sled! Watch as Cliff walks us through and discusses the various innovative and unique design aspects of the new sled design.

PWC Rescue Sled Connection

The new rescue sled can be attached to your PWC without having to do any additional work to your machine. Your sled arrives ready to go right into service no drilling, no extra add-ons and no extra parts needed. Cliff shows the multiple connection points and recommendation for attached your sled to your PWC.

P2P Inflatable Rescue Sleds


Our P2P Inflatable Rescue Boards and Inflatable Rescue Sleds are a uniquely lightweight, innovative construction and easy to transport.



Available in either Red/Yellow or Black


$895 USD

Responder Rescue Sled

$3,295 USD

The P2P Responder is our most recent innovation, built for use either behind a personal watercraft, or detached for stranded victim rescues in swift or flood waters.

We gathered input from lifeguards in Hawaii, swift water rescuers in North Carolina and firemen in Florida when designing every aspect of the responder. This board provides the strength, width and durability to facilitate multiple victims rescues or even in-water resuscitation.


  • Overall length of 7′, including full traction pad coverage providing ample space for a victim, rescuer, and first responder equipment.

  • Custom-engineered jet ski connection with port and starboard bungees for stabilizing and control.

  • Jet ski connection can be removed and with rocker throughout the board it can also be used in flat, flooded or swift water rescue scenarios.

  • Heavyweight handles along the lengths of the board for multiple quick-grab and tie-down options.

  • Handles constructed from solid rubber core and webbing for strength and durability, raised for ample room to wrap ones arms under and thru for securing a victim.

  • Lightweight at only 40 lbs. Including all handles, jet ski connections and rope.

  • Durable construction with an eps foam core using innovative Innegra fiberglass, allowing for repairs while on duty and the board to never lose service.

  • Custom agency or department logo/emblem available.

  • LENGTH: 7’0″

  • WIDTH: 34″

  • VOLUME: 135 L

  • WEIGHT: 40 lbs
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Contact us to customize your RESPONDER with various color options and accessory attachments

Rescue Sleds at Their Best

P2P Innegra® Rescue Sled

$2,995 USD
Jet Ski Rescue Sled Top Deck

The P2P Innegra® Rescue Sled is our latest innovation in rescue board design. At the request of lifeguard and ocean rescue agencies we have incorporated our unique and durable board construction into a rescue sled.

  • 10 quick grab handles constructed using durable tubular webbing and a solid 1 rubber core.

  • Handles secured into deck of board using stainless steel screws with epoxy/resin imbedded chinook plastic inserts.

  • Unique crescent and “winged” tail design for sled tracking and to avoid submersion.

  • Easily replaceable UMHW nose protection

  • Full coverage top, bottom and rails with double-layer EVA rubber padding

  • Lightweight at only 45 lbs.

  • Durable construction using green room epoxy/resing with multiple layers of e-glass and innovative Innegra

  • EPS foam core

  • Multiple PWC connection points

  • Bungees and rope tie-ons included

  • LENGTH: 5’6″

  • WIDTH: 36″

  • VOLUME: 100 L

  • WEIGHT: 45lbs
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jetski transom cover - rescue sled accessories

Rescue Sled Transom Cover

$250 USD

Uniquely designed for easy customization to fit most RWC models. Constructed out of HDPE- the shape can be trimmed to fit your watercraft’s transom from wear tear when using a pull-behind rescue sled. See all rescue sled accessories.

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