Safety is important in any body of water, and that’s why we offer a variety of rescue boards for every emergency. Some of our boards are suited for specific situations, whether that be for ocean, marine, or swift water rescues. But what about those emergencies that involve the need for responders to actively search for more than one victim? That’s where the P2P SUP Rescue Board comes in.

Built for almost all marine conditions, our SUP rescue board is the solution for efficiently retrieving and restraining multiple victims during search and patrol emergencies. Imagine this scenario: a lifeguard surveys the activity of beach guests when he notices a young child has entered deep water and clearly is unable to swim. Before he can react, an adult tries to save the child. The child immediately grabs the adult around the neck, causing the adult to choke and sink under the weight. Now both of them are struggling to stay above the surface.

The P2P SUP Rescue Board’s wide design allows for both the rescuer and victims in this situation to be secure and stable as they make it back to shore. Not only is the deck covered by a traction pad that prevents people from sliding off, but this board also has multiple, heavyweight handles along the entire length of it to grab and wrap one’s arms under and through while securing victims. And if other equipment needs to be brought such as life preservers, the SUP rescue has bow bungees to attach to the board and store any gear along for the ride.

When multiple victims are in need of rescue, our SUP boards eliminate the need for having one rescue board per person. It’s faster and easier to retrieve and restrain victims to the board so responders can quickly get everyone back to safety. And the more SUP rescue boards responders have on hand, the faster multiple victims can be rescued at one time.

Are you interested in ordering our SUP rescue boards for your marine rescue service? Contact us today to learn more about our boards and how they can help you save lives for years to come.