Crossover Rescue Board


The P2P Crossover Rescue is the first rescue board with an optional on-board deck-flush paddle storage system and uniquely designed outline for use as both a standup paddle and a prone board. Engineered for speed, stability and function, we integrated a race board hull and rail design, allowing rescuers to knee paddle and standup paddle, thereby increasing the speed in reaching a victim.

  • Wide enough board for a rescuer to stand up, elevating line of sight and providing the option to standup paddle when searching for victims.
  • Rescuers can also use the paddle as an extension to reach victims and then securely stow.
  • Quick grab handles strategically placed forward and aft.
  • Lightweight at only 30 lbs.
  • Durable construction with an eps foam core using innovative innegra fiberglass allows for repairs to be done while on duty, and the board never loses service.
  • Custom agency or department logo/emblem available.
  • Pricing does not include paddle and fin.
  • LENGTH: 11’0″
  • WIDTH: 27.50″
  • THICKNESS: 6.0″
  • VOLUME: 225 L

Custom Product

This item is custom made or ordered with a typical lead time of 30-45 days. Please add to a quote to get the most accurate ordering and shipping information.
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