SUP Rescue Boards

Stand Up Paddle

SUP Surf Rescue Board

$2,395 USD

The P2P SUP rescue is built for almost all marine conditions and emergencies, but is especially suited for search and patrol. Maximum volume from nose to tail makes the SUP Rescue ideal for multiple victim retrieval and restraint.

P2P SUP Rescue Lifeguard Paddleboard
  • Traction pad covers the full deck for rescuer and victim(s) safety.
  • Overall board length of 11′ and a width of 32 provides ample stability without compromising maneuverability.
  • Heavyweight handles run the entire length of the board for multiple grab and tie-down options.
  • Bow bungees for additional equipment and gear storage.
  • Handles constructed from solid rubber core with webbing for durability and can be raised for space to wrap one’s arms under and through while securing a victim.
  • Lightweight at only 30 lbs.
  • Repairs can be made while on duty due to the durable eps foam core using Innegra fiberglass, ensuring the sup rescue never loses service.
  • Paddle and fin sold separately.
  • LENGTH: 10’
  • WIDTH: 32″
  • VOLUME: 185 L

Crossover Rescue Board

$3,895 USD (with paddle storage inset) | $2,395 USD (without paddle storage)

The P2P Crossover Rescue is the first rescue board with an optional on-board deck-flush paddle storage system and uniquely designed outline for use as both a standup paddle and a prone board. Engineered for speed, stability and function, we integrated a race board hull and rail design, allowing rescuers to knee paddle and standup paddle, thereby increasing the speed in reaching a victim.

  • Wide enough board for a rescuer to stand up, elevating line of sight and providing the option to standup paddle when searching for victims.
  • Rescuers can also use the paddle as an extension to reach victims and then securely stow.
  • Quick grab handles strategically placed forward and aft.
  • Lightweight at only 30 lbs.
  • Durable construction with an eps foam core using innovative innegra fiberglass allows for repairs to be done while on duty, and the board never loses service.
  • Custom agency or department logo/emblem available.
  • Pricing does not include paddle and fin.
  • LENGTH: 11’0″
  • WIDTH: 27.50″
  • THICKNESS: 6.0″
  • VOLUME: 225 L

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