TEDxAirlie featuring P2P Rescue

Our Founder/Owner, Cliff Ray, will be speaking at the TEDxAirlie event held at the historic Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. in downtown Wilmington this Friday, March 29, 2019. Cliff will be speaking about Life-saving Listening.

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Abstract:?At the age of 14, Cliff Ray lost his father in a drowning accident. It was ultimately his father?s visionary, entrepreneurial spirit that led Cliff to leave his career as a real estate developer and take a leap of faith in creating P2P Rescue. Endorsed as the exclusive Official Rescue Board of the U.S. Lifesaving Association, P2P collaborates by listening to lifeguards and water safety professionals around the World. P2P remains committed in its efforts towards drowning prevention by designing and building innovative water safety equipment for those first-responders who put their lives on the line everyday ? to save someone elses.

Bio:?Cliff is the Owner/Founder of?P2P? RESCUE, a North Carolina-based company dedicated to building unique, innovative rescue products for various water safety and ocean rescue scenarios. Founded in 2014, P2P initially manufactured and sold competition training standup paddleboards with inset paddle storage. In August 2015 lifeguards on the North Shore of Oahu encouraged P2P to visit Hawaii and research ways to incorporate our unique technology into rescue products. Since then, P2P Rescue is honored to work with and provide rescue boards to over 40 lifeguard agencies in the US, and also fire departments, defense contractors, resorts and universities.

At the age of 14, Cliff lost his father in a drowning accident. It was ultimately his father?s visionary, entrepreneurial spirit that led Cliff to leave his career as a real estate developer and take a leap of faith in creating P2P Rescue. P2P remains committed in its efforts towards drowning prevention and is honored to be working with some of the world?s most experienced water safety personnel to design and build its rescue products.


Surfing To The Rescue In New Markets

Cliff Ray, founder and owner of P2P Rescue, and Jazz Rode, head of operations, stand inside the board shaping room at the company’s manufacturing facility in Wilmington.

(Photo by Michael Cline Spencer)

By Christina Haley O’Neal, WilmingtonBiz

Wilmington-based P2P Rescue is making moves both locally and internationally.

After about three months of downtime because of Hurricane Florence, the company has relocated to a new space in the Dutch Square Industrial Park, becoming operational there in mid-January, said Cliff Ray, founder and owner of P2P Rescue.

The company’s former 2,000- square-foot location off Shipyard Boulevard near the port was flooded during the storm.

It forced us to really quadruple our size, he said.

Ray and two other employees run the Dutch Square operation.

P2P Rescue designs, manufactures and sells water safety and ocean rescue equipment for lifeguards, fire departments, resorts and universities.

Its fiberglass surf rescue boards and jet ski rescue sleds are built using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC) and finished by hand.

Coming into 2019, I can report that our gross revenue in the first quarter is 50 percent of our entire gross revenue of 2018, Ray said.

And that growth continues with its burgeoning international presence and new products.

While its boards and rescue jet ski boards are manufactured at the Wilmington facility, additional manufacturing will soon take place outside the U.S.

P2P Rescue has partnered with a manufacturer out of Taiwan for its latest project a universal soft board model that can be mass-produced, sold at a lower price point and used by rescuers around the globe with various levels of experience in water rescue.

Ray said that he is excited to be collaborating with AGIT Global Inc., which houses the world’s best technology to develop these soft top rescue boards.

P2P Rescue is set to release the new board model, wrapped in a soft rubber material, this spring.

Ray said it was difficult to steer away from the custom-made motto he’s had for years. But at the end of the day, this product takes all the company’s expertise over the years and puts it into an internationally accessible single-point board product that’s not captured in terms of surf lifesaving, he said.

P2P Rescue’s Wilmington-made fiberglass boards are currently in use in Canada and are being tested by surf lifesaving associations in Australia and New Zealand for design approval.

P2P Rescue is also in talks with Saudi Arabia and could soon add Chile to its list.

Jazz Rode, head of P2P Rescue’s operations, said the company’s accessories are also being sold internationally, in countries such as Japan and Morocco.

P2P Rescue has developed and sold its lifeguard fin belts and utility belts, as well as its solid rubber board handles. It also has a long list of other accessory projects in development.

In addition, the company is also working to develop training courses for its jet ski water rescue craft and has formed a partnership with surfing legend Jeff Clark and Kauai Ocean Safety Chief Kalani Vierra to launch its first course in Half Moon Bay, California, in April.

Future training sessions will be planned and organized around the country, Ray said.

We’ve become problem solvers by default, Ray said of the company. It’s the fun part, though.


Governor and EDPNC Honor Six N.C. Companies Growing Through Exports

Six North Carolina companies received 2018 Governor’s Export Awards this week in a ceremony highlighting their success in increasing overseas sales, as well as the significant role exporting plays in the state’s economy.

North Carolina’s export of goods and services helps support more than 400,000 jobs in the state, according to the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

With more than 80 percent of the world’s purchasing power outside the U.S, it’s clear why exporting is critical to the growth of North Carolina’s economy, Governor Roy Cooper said. We are honoring our state’s export leaders. Their commitment builds prosperity here at home and bolsters North Carolina’s global reputation as a strong climate for business.

The Governor’s Office developed the export award program in collaboration with the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC), which helps North Carolina companies achieve their export objectives, and the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

The companies receiving 2018 Governor’s Export Awards in a ceremony Monday at the North Carolina Executive Mansion include:

  • Unifi, Inc., in Guilford, Yadkin and Rockingham counties
  • Advanced Detection Technology in Iredell County
  • Bernhardt Furniture Co. in Caldwell County
  • National Wiper Alliance in Buncombe County
  • P2P Rescue in New Hanover County
  • ImmunoReagents Inc. in Wake County

The EDPNC’s international trade team has helped each of these companies in a variety of ways, said John Loyack, EDPNC vice president for global business services. We provide export-education workshops, market research, market-entry strategies and more. We accompany North Carolina businesses to trade shows around the world, administering funds that can reimburse their trade show travel costs. We also help companies find new international distributors at trade events.

Smaller companies with limited resources particularly benefit, Loyack added, because our help comes at no charge.

The EDPNC international trade team includes five North Carolina-based trade managers who each specialize in specific industry sectors and representatives in North Carolina’s trade offices around the world. The state has trade representatives in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. All told, the state’s trade team assisted 592 North Carolina companies in 2018, located in 93 counties across the state.

Without the EDPNC, ImmunoReagents would not have been able to travel to Spain, Germany and Dubai, meeting customers in person and developing networks that improve every year, said Ann Black, chief executive officer of Raleigh-based ImmunoReagents, which manufactures antibodies for the research and diagnostic markets. For a small export business, they are invaluable.

Here are more details about all the 2018 Governor’s Export Award winners:

ImmunoReagents, Governor’s Award of Excellence. Since Black founded Immunoreagents in 2005, the Raleigh company has become a leading global manufacturer of antibodies and reagents used in pharmaceutical and life science research as well as in vitro diagnostics. Its products are sold in more than 20 countries.

Unifi, Top Large Business Exporter. Headquartered in Greensboro with manufacturing facilities in Yadkinville, Madison and Reidsville, Unifi is internationally known for its high-quality yarns. In the early 2000s, Unifi began converting plastic bottles into high-performance fibers, including its REPREVE material that has been used by brands such as Patagonia, The North Face, Haggar and Ford Motor Company. The entire EDPNC team continues to support the growth of our REPREVE recycled yarns and the jobs that continue to grow with this business, said Kevin Hall, Unifi chairman and chief executive officer. Their export-assistance program includes valuable market research and intelligence to help us identify new export opportunities.

P2P Rescue in Wrightsville Beach, Top New Exporter. Founded in 2014 by Cliff Ray, who lost his father in a drowning accident, P2P Rescue makes innovative water and ocean rescue boards. P2P Rescue has used travel funding administered by the EDPNC to participate in trade conferences in Canada, Brazil, Australia and the Middle East, where it has connected with international distributors.

National Wiper Alliance, based in Swannanoa, Top Global Reach Exporter. National Wiper manufactures and converts nonwoven dry wipes for businesses in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, retail, health care, food service and janitorial. It also makes specialty products for the government and military. National Wiper exports to countries all over the world, under its own name and private labels.

Bernhardt Furniture Co. in Lenoir, Top Rural Exporter. Established in Lenoir in 1889, Bernhardt remains one of the country’s largest family-owned furniture companies. With more than 1,250 employees worldwide, the company manufacturers furniture at eight locations in North Carolina and maintains corporate offices in High Point and six overseas locations.

Advanced Detection Technology in Mooresville, Top Small Business Exporter. This company is a world leader in the design and engineering of under-vehicle inspection systems to detect vehicle-borne threats. Advance Detection Technology has sales, marketing and technical support operations in North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Africa.


Drowning Risks: What You Need to Know and How P2P Rescue Helps

Did you know that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional deaths with an estimated 360,000 annual drownings worldwide It’s a major public health problem we face, and there are plenty of people, groups, companies and organizations doing helping to prevent drowning, including P2P Rescue! Here’s a few things you should know about drowning risk in our world.

Risk Factors

Age: The three age categories that see the most drownings are 0-5, 20-25, and 60 and older. Drowning is the leading cause of death for toddlers and infants due to the inability to swim, poor adult supervision, and the lack of barriers separating young children from bodies of water. Inadequate supervision is another leading reason why older children are at risk for drowning, as parents sometimes overestimate how well their children obey safety rules when unsupervised. Ages 20-25 see an increase in risk because of participation in water sports and the tendency to be more reckless. For those older than 60, the risk is higher due to difficulty managing themselves in emergency water situations and potential health problems that can lead to heart attacks or low blood pressure while in the water.

Gender: Males are at a higher risk of drowning and are more likely to be hospitalized than females for non-fatal drowning. Studies suggest this is due to an increased exposure to water and generally riskier behavior, including swimming solo and drinking alcohol before swimming or operating a boat alone. Males are also more apt to participate in water sports and live near bodies of water for their careers.

Access to water: There’s always a higher risk when an individual’s occupation is around water, such as working in commercial fishing or using boats. Drowning risk also increases for those who live near open water sources, particularly children in such situations. There’s also a higher risk during warmer months when people travel to bodies of water for vacation and recreation.

Flooding disasters: 75% of drowning deaths occur from natural flooding situations like heavy rain, hurricanes, and tsunamis. This is especially true for people who live in areas that are prone to flooding and have limited options to evacuate.

Drowning Prevention

Although drowning takes a toll around the world, hundreds of thousands of lives are saved every year thanks to trained lifeguards and responders. At P2P Rescue, our goal is to help aid those lifesavers with our unique rescue board designs. From ocean to swift water to flooded conditions, each of our rescue boards are designed to withstand harsh environments and get responders to victims quickly. Take a look at all the boards we offer and see the difference P2P Rescue is making!

The P2P SUP Rescue Board is Your Solution to Search and Patrol Emergencies

Safety is important in any body of water, and that’s why we offer a variety of rescue boards for every emergency. Some of our boards are suited for specific situations, whether that be for ocean, marine, or swift water rescues. But what about those emergencies that involve the need for responders to actively search for more than one victim? That’s where the P2P SUP Rescue Board comes in.

Built for almost all marine conditions, our SUP rescue board is the solution for efficiently retrieving and restraining multiple victims during search and patrol emergencies. Imagine this scenario: a lifeguard surveys the activity of beach guests when he notices a young child has entered deep water and clearly is unable to swim. Before he can react, an adult tries to save the child. The child immediately grabs the adult around the neck, causing the adult to choke and sink under the weight. Now both of them are struggling to stay above the surface.

The P2P SUP Rescue Board’s wide design allows for both the rescuer and victims in this situation to be secure and stable as they make it back to shore. Not only is the deck covered by a traction pad that prevents people from sliding off, but this board also has multiple, heavyweight handles along the entire length of it to grab and wrap one’s arms under and through while securing victims. And if other equipment needs to be brought such as life preservers, the SUP rescue has bow bungees to attach to the board and store any gear along for the ride.

When multiple victims are in need of rescue, our SUP boards eliminate the need for having one rescue board per person. It’s faster and easier to retrieve and restrain victims to the board so responders can quickly get everyone back to safety. And the more SUP rescue boards responders have on hand, the faster multiple victims can be rescued at one time.

Are you interested in ordering our SUP rescue boards for your marine rescue service? Contact us today to learn more about our boards and how they can help you save lives for years to come.

P2P Rescue is Going Global

Over the past few months, P2P Rescue has made great progress in our goal to make the waters a safer place by building the best ocean rescue boards in the world. To catch our friends and fans up, here are some of the recent highlights:

The World Conference on Drowning Prevention 

This year’s conference takes place October 17-19 in Vancouver, and P2P Rescue will be in attendance. We’re excited for this event, as it will be a great opportunity to connect with others who share our mission. Make sure to follow us on Instagram as we document the conference and highlight the world’s foremost experts, research, systems, and information on drowning prevention, rescue, lifesaving, and water safety.

Our Jet Ski Rescue Sled Makes a Splash

The Jet Ski Rescue Sled is our latest innovation in rescue board design, and designed by the request for lifeguard and ocean rescue agencies. We’re excited to see these sleds at work with the Charleston County Parks and Recreation and the Volusia County Ocean Safety.

Working with Anthony Walsh

Big wave surfer and waterman Anthony Walsh has been having fun with our rescue sleds. He recently posted an Instagram video, which has already been viewed over 10,000 times. While this isn’t exactly a lifesaving mission, we’re grateful for the exposure and help in spreading the world about P2P Rescue. Plus, the video is pretty awesome.

Stay tuned for more big things from P2P Rescue, and thanks for coming along for the ride.

P2P Rescue lands the first Crossover Rescue Board with Surf Life Saving New Zealand for water trials

P2P Rescue is excited to announce that Surf Life Saving New Zealand is conducting water trials with the Crossover Rescue Board. These trials are the first step toward helping both organizations achieve their goals and accomplish their missions.

P2P Rescue’s Crossover Rescue Board is the first rescue board with an on-board deck-flush paddle storage system. The uniquely designed outline allows rescuers to use it as both a standup paddleboard and a prone board. In addition, it has many other features that make it especially attractive to ocean rescue associations. The board is wide enough for a rescuer to stand up, which allows them to see victims at greater distances. The paddle can be stowed out of the way or used as an extension to reach victims. Handles forward and aft can be grabbed quickly, and at only 30 pounds it’s lightweight and easy to carry. We are excited to see Surf Life Saving New Zealand testing this tool in its community and potentially put in service.

Surf Life Saving New Zealand is part of Surf Life Saving, a community organization committed to reducing coastal drownings by 50% by 2020. Every day, their lifesavers rescue 35 people and every hour, they conduct 143 preventive actions.

The mission of Surf Life Saving New Zealand is a perfect complement to P2P Rescue, and the both parties are hopeful that these water trials will advance their mutual goals: saving lives and making the ocean a safer place for all of us.

About P2P Rescue

P2P Rescue has designed an evolutionary breakthrough in rescue boards. Engineered for speed, stability, and function, each board is proudly designed and made in the USA. Currently, P2P  Rescue has partnered with lifeguard and ocean rescue associations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and offers a range of designs optimized for the diverse coastlines of the world.

3 Benefits of a Crossover Rescue Board

First things first: what is a crossover rescue board If you don’t know the answer, we don’t blame you! P2P Rescue invented this unique style of ocean rescue board, which means you might not have run into it yet. Since we began creating these boards, we’ve partnered with many ocean rescue organizations. This means if you go to a beach with lifeguards, you’re bound to run into it at some point hopefully from a distance! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

A crossover rescue board is an evolutionary breakthrough in rescue board design. It integrates a race board hull and rail design, which gives the rescuers the option of paddling on their knees or standing up, increasing the speed at which they can reach and save a victim.

Besides speed and stability, there are several other benefits to using a crossover rescue board. Here are the top three:

The paddle can be used to help out-of-reach victims.

A lot can happen on the open seas, especially when a lifeguard is at the critical moment of making a save. Because the paddle is easily accessed and stowed on a P2P Rescue board, the paddle can double as an extender, held out to the victim so they can grab on to it and be pulled to safety. This cuts down on instances of victims accidentally harming lifeguards in their panic, and helps lifeguards make a save safely and quickly.

The lifeguard can see longer distances and better search for victims.

Because the crossover rescue board uniquely offers lifeguards the option of paddling on their stomachs, knees, or standing up, it also offers the ability to see much further than other boards. By both standing and paddling, the lifeguard has the power to quickly scan the water and identify multiple victims and possible dangers.

The board’s durable material means it’s never out of service.

P2P Rescue makes each crossover rescue board from an EPS foam core using innovative Innergra fiberglass. This allows lifeguards to make minor repairs while on duty, which means the board never has to be taken out of service. Even better, the boards are only 30 pounds, which means carrying and running with them won’t wear the lifeguards out. Instead they can save their strength for those critical moments when it truly matters.

Interested in ordering a fleet of crossover rescue boards for your ocean rescue service? Contact P2P Rescue today and let’s start the conversation!

A Rescue Board Breakthrough

If you haven’t heard of P2P Rescue, consider this an introduction. Short version: P2P Rescue is an evolutionary breakthrough in rescue boards, designed and engineered for speed and function. For the longer version, keep reading!

The History

When Australia hosted the Summer Olympics in 1956, a group of volunteer Aussie lifeguards organized an international competition to display their lifesaving skills and athleticism. The U.S. and Hawaiian teams, with legendary members like Duke Kahanamoku, brought Malibu surfboards with them.

Many credit the longboards they left behind as the beginning of a surfboard design revolution in Australia. The Malibu surfboard made from balsa wood and constructed using a new technique of water proof glue and fiberglass resulted in a much lighter board weight.

The Future

While the board building process and construction of surfboards has evolved since then, today’s lifeguard rescue board remains nearly identical to that from 30 years ago, which isn’t ideal. Coastlines are diverse, with unique challenges and parameters, and a single longboard design can’t serve all lifeguard equally. Until P2P.

By using Shape3D software and a 3DM shaping machine, we set out to design and build surf rescue boards based on local surf conditions and coastline terrain.

The Difference

P2P is currently the only board builder in the U.S. using typical surfboard construction (EPS and fiberglass) to manufacture lifesaving surf rescue boards. Given the demanding environments of their training and work, ocean safety and lifeguards are quite harsh on their equipment. P2P uses very specific glassing schedules, integrating standard cloth with Innegra fiberglass to enhance durability and reduce weight. Because P2P longboards are built using solely EPS and fiberglass, ocean safety can perform a simple ding repair while on duty, and the board never loses service.

Rail designs, rocker profiles, bottom contour transitions and varying volumes are design variables that change for each respective region’s rescue board. Through a joint venture with the Honolulu Ocean Safety, a 12’0 version has been built to withstand their rugged coastlines, larger surf and multiple victim rescues.

After working with lifeguards from North Carolina to New York the 11’0 East Coast version was designed for smaller swell and more benign coastlines. P2P recently launched a West Coast version in Santa Cruz based on feedback received from lifeguards in California. Because of our geographically tailored design process and lighter weight construction, the P2P SURF RESCUE’s appeal is quickly spreading worldwide.

Check out our designs, follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and witness the future of ocean rescue for yourself. We guarantee you’ll like what you see!